Father’s Day Present : Pop-Tart Inspired Sunglasses Case

The Giveaway
We are a lifestyle blog, with equal parts crafting and travel.  To help us with the travel part, we are running a survey to understand why people travel.  Fill out the survey and be entered in a raffle to win a $50 gift card. 
The Story
We have gotten better at road trips. We have a box where we store our travel basket of drawing materials. We organizers for materials, carefully hand-sewn by me. We have a picnic blanket/ trunk cover, lovingly hand made of Korean waxed cotton. We have a checklist on our phones ready for any spontaneous trip. And, at every trip, as we sit in the car, a smile of doing thing well slowly resting on our face, our home a distant memory, we remember “DARN! Dad forgot his sunglasses.”
Sunglasses aren’t the kinda turn the car around travel emergency, but they sure to make my light-eyed husband’s driving experience much better. So, this father’s day we thought we would incentivize remembering the sunglasses by making an unforgettable case. My husband, now wheat and sugar free, waxes poetic about Pop Tarts.  A child of immigrants, the toaster pastry was not a vernacular of my childhood. But, apparently, for him, they are the stuff of high school joy.  So, for father’s day, we took his needs and wrapped them in his desires. Voila! Pop Tart Sunglasses Case.

The Process
This was an easy enough project that kids could do it. I did this as a handsew project, but it might be more durable as a machine sew one.

Start with a beige or ochre felt (10 by 5 inches); blue felt, 4 by 3 inches; pink felt, 4 by 3 inches, thread and scissors.
Create your icing first. Just losenge shaped slits in the blue felt. Place over the pink felt to create a sprinkle effect. (you can use a different color combination as well.  I just love the look of Blue Raspberry).
Lay the ochre fabric out flat. Sew the icing onto ochre fabric.
Fold the ochre fabric. Blanket stitch 3 sides leaving the top open.
Give to your beloved.


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100 Pins in 30 minutes: Or how ViralTag Helped me Stay Sane before Vacation

The Story
If I could do everything twice as fast, I think I would be four times as happy.  My natural walking speed is faster than some people’s running (I know. I have often out walked runners in races.) I speed read books.  I have already read 83 books in last 90 days. I type fast enough to earn extra money as a transcriptionist.
Why am I always in such a hurry? Well, because there is so much to do.  And, there is never more to do than before you plan to do nothing.  I mean think about it. You are getting ready for a beach vacation, and your list of errands is a long as your arm.  At least, that is how I am.  And, with social media, so much of it is being around.  If you miss a day, you lose serious traffic.  It can feel overwhelming to imagine taking time away.  But, of course, if you don’t, whatever will you post about?
So, here is where ViralTag comes in.  I should say that I received an offer to blog about it in exchange for 6 months of service.  But, honestly, I had found it useful without the offer. I had been a loyal pinner for ages.  I am thankful for the 15K followers I already have.  And, Pinterest is really just a hobby.  It is the ideal thing to help me unwind after work. You have Words with Friends, and I have Pinterest.  Yet, I do get a charge when I get more followers.  I have some pride in my following. But, it is one more thing to tend.
This is where I turned to ViralTag last week.  I know that there are times when I don’t even have the ten minutes to pin a few pins her board.  You need to pin at least three pins each day for your board to be considered active by the system.  It was so easy to get through scores of pins in very little time.
This week, I turned to ViralTag so that I could go on vacation without stressing that I needed to find time to tend my Pinterest account.  (I could have used it for Instagram, but I plan to live Instagram my vacay.)
I spent 30 minutes and I got 100 pins done, each with a handwritten caption.  This sounds crazy, but it wasn’t.  I wasn’t racing. And, I wasn’t calling it in.  It was an efficient way to do twice in 1/2 the time.
The Process
It is so easy, you don’t need this.  But pictures sure do make everything easier, right?
Start by setting up your Viral Tag account and agreeing to have a button–three circles on a red square.